Human Trafficking Update

Human Trafficking Update


Modeling Ad Serves as PSA for Human Trafficking

What looks like an advertising calling for models in Florida is actually a public service announcement for human trafficking.  Viewers click the link in the ad and are prompted to upload their Facebook photo.  The users then see a video with their own Facebook pictures on missing persons’ photos, Facebook posts from friends and family pleading for help, and news stories.  The Florida Coalition for Human Trafficking put together the

video hoping to show women how easy it is to fall prey to traffickers.

Human Trafficking Victims File Lawsuit Against Seafood Importers

Victims of human trafficking in the multi-billion dollar seafood industry supply chain, which stretches from seafood packing factories in Thailand to supermarkets in the United States, recently filed suit in California federal court. The plaintiffs were recruited from their home villages in rural Cambodia to work at factories in Thailand producing shrimp and seafood for export to the United States. The defendants sell their shrimp and seafood to large U.S. customers like Walmart. To read more please Click Here.