Debt Cancellation

Congregation of Notre Dame- International Corporate Stances

Cancellation of the debt of the poorest nations 

The sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame, after a year of study, prayer and reflection on the reasons behind the world-wide movement calling for the cancellation of Third-World debt, strongly affirm its cancellation, support those countries that have already made this choice and urge other countries to follow their example. We came to this united conviction, aware if the complexity of the issue and some of the implications for all the nations concerned. But a new millennium is dawning, and a compassionate God calls us to give hope to the poor for a better quality of life in the days ahead. As a Congregation we believe that cancelling the debt of these countries is a step in that direction.

July 1999

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

The Sisters of Charity, as a congregation, have endorsed the cancellation of the debts of the very heavily debt-burdened countries and the use of the money that would have been paid in interest to be used for poverty reduction and the needs of the poorest people in these countries.

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