Need-Based Scholarships Available

With gratitude to the the congregations who have supported Entering the Transforming Future, we are happy to announce that a limited number of needs-based scholarships to cover the registration fee ($175) are now available.

If you work for a women’s congregation carrying out the work of peace and justice, and find the registration fee prohibitive, please contact:

Sister Dorothy Pagosa, SSJ-TOSF

Phone: 773-203-4746


One thought on “Need-Based Scholarships Available”

  1. friends,
    In my international congregation, we are trying to develop our J&P network in a context
    of 9 different countries – including countries of the north and south. This has its own
    challenges, as well as richnesses. I am hoping to encounter others who might be working
    in such a context inorder to share ideas.
    Looking forward to November..
    Patricia Ridgley, SSMN

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