Support the Clean Power Plan

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, when President Obama released the EPA’s historic Clean Power Plan, our friends at EPA wanted to publicly acknowledge the thousands of women religious across the country who have called and written and acted on behalf of Earth justice for years. Joan Marie Steadman, CSC, who was standing with the president was there representing  each of you and your congregations. Thank You!

We need your continued support. As you know so well, power plants are the number-one source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. We now have a plan to address them: the Clean Power Plan.

But some members of Congress are gearing up to weaken these national standards on carbon pollution. They want states to have the option to opt out of carbon standards, which means that the heaviest emissions would likely continue.

Now is the time for you to act. Tell your legislators that you care, and you vote. Your action will help put our country on a sustainable policy path.  Click here to send a letter to your legislators. 

This week, our partners at Catholic Climate Covenant will travel to Ohio to help host an event on climate change with Most Reverend Dennis Schnurr, Archbishop of Cincinnati, and other Catholic leaders who are working to make energy use more efficient and sustainable. These events make a difference. They put policymakers on notice that Catholic voters care about climate change.

We are looking for letter writers in Ohio!  You too can bring Catholic teaching on climate change to the media’s attention. Be part of the conversation. A letter to the editor has ripple effects beyond your community, and it takes just 5 minutes with our resources.  If you live in Ohio and would like to submit a letter to the editor this week, please email Kissairis Muñoz, Catholic Climate Covenant’s advocacy coordinator.



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