2017 Breakout Sessions

Ending Slavery is Everyone’s Work: Why Don’t We Do It Together?!

In 2013, a group called U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking was formed. How did this group come together? How has it developed and grown? Who belongs now – and who can belong? What are we doing right, and what more can we do together? Come to a discussion on strategies for working together, locally, nationally, and through Talitha Kum, the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons.

Ann Oestreich, IHM, Vice President/Secretary U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking

Feminist Platform

Based on the Beijing Platform of Action from the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, 8th Day Center for Justice felt that now was the time to respond with a Feminist Platform. “In the United States today the push back of women’s political, religious, economic, and cultural rights is no less a crisis. “ Sr. Dorothy Pagosa will share some of the findings given by various authors on issues of racial justice, economic justice, eco-justice, reproductive justice, gender-based violence, peace and security, political participation, LGBTQ inclusivity and equality, migration, and role of religion in politics. There will also be discussion on the intersectionality of these issues.

Dorothy Pagosa of  8th Day Center

Laudato Si – Our Charisms & Call to Prophetic Action & Collaboration

We’ll reflect on the gift of our congregational charisms in responding to Laudato si, connections with other justice issues and how we can respond to the urgent call of climate change and environmental justice. Sharing of Catholic Climate Covenant resources and other faith-based and science initiatives and what we can do in intentional collective advocacy.

Leanne Jablonski, FMI, PhD; Director, Marianist Environmental Education CenterScholar for Faith & Environment, University of Dayton Hanley Sustainability Institute; Ohio Coordinator, Catholic Climate Covenant 

Reclaiming Gospel Nonviolence

Learn about the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and the call to the Catholic Church to recommit to the centrality of Gospel nonviolence of Jesus. Explore what it means to practice of active nonviolence on the road to just peace and our responsibility to encourage our church to continue developing Catholic social teaching.

Jean Stokan, Director, Institute Justice Team Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Sisters’ Voices on Capitol Hill

We have a new administration. We have a new Senate. We have a new House. What are the priorities of each of these entities and how do they match our priorities?  What are the timelines? Where are the areas where women religious can interject meaning and exercise influence? Immigration? Fair taxation? Family friendly workplaces?

Marge Clark, BVM, Senior Government Relations Advocate, NETWORK

Staying in the Church and Challenging It at the Same Time”

The Sabbath was made for the person, not the person for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). The Sabbath, like any institution, was created to serve people, not vice-versa. This session will apply this Gospel passage to the Catholic institutional Church by examining some questions: How can we challenge? Why do we hesitate to challenge? When can challenge make a difference? Why bother to challenge at all?

Jeannine Gramick, SL, New Ways Ministry, Co-Founder

That They May be One as We are One: Racism and God’s Call to Communion

The 1985 international Bishop’s Synod identified communio or koinonia as the fundamental idea of the Second Vatican Council. The Church understood as communion suggests that a key aspect of Church‘s identity and evangelizing and justice mission is the fostering of the recognition and embodiment of the essential unity of the human family. Racism, sexism, classism, nationalism and cultural imperialism deny this reality. This presentation will focus on interpersonal and institutional racism as the pivotal sin that contradict God’s will manifested in Jesus’ prayer for his disciples: “that they may be one, as we are one” John 17:11

Sister Jamie T. Phelps, OP, PhD, Adrian Dominican Sister and Theologian

Immigration : the need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This workshop will include an update on immigration laws and regulations. Where in the world are we? Migration: what are the needs of refugees and asylees. How in the world do we want to be?

Bernadine Karge, OP, Attorney at law