Sisters of the Holy Cross, Notre Dame, IN

We, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, affirm that:

  • Nonviolence is constitutive of the message of Jesus,
  • Nonviolence is intrinsic to right relationship with all creation, and
  • Nonviolent systemic change requires innovative, creative responses to social problems and conflicts.

Therefore, we reject violence in its multiple forms.

We support actions and policies that:

  • Promote nonviolent means of conflict resolution,
  • Disallow discrimination of any kind,
  • Generate an equitable economic system for all,
  • Foster a culture of solidarity and peace, and
  • Protect Earth and Life in all its diversity.

We oppose actions and policies that legitimate:

  • Violent responses to conflicts, particularly war and terrorism,
  • Denial of human and civil rights,
  • Economic and military policies that exacerbate poverty and inequality, and
  • Degradation and destruction of natural resources and ecosystems.

We acknowledge that the nonviolent way of Jesus challenges us to:

  • Examine the quality of our interpersonal relationships,
  • Own the complexity inherent in our struggle to live without violence,
  • Embrace diversity, and
  • Espouse the common good.

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Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Corporate Stance on Non-Violence by the Sisters of Charity, BVM (2014)

That the Sisters of Charity, BVM affirm our belief in, and commitment to nonviolence by striving to deepen our vision and understanding of nonviolence and sharing that vision with others. Together, we proclaim anew our desire for all to live as free from violence as possible.