Right of Sanctuary

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Speaking for the Congregation, the Executive Committee expressed endorsement of the right of sanctuary.

In response to our commitment as Sisters of Charity of Nazareth to:

  • listen prayerfully to the call of God as expressed through shared reflection on the needs of society and the circumstances of our times (Constitutions I, 13)
  • take risks as we share the burdens of the needy (I, 5)
  • [show] a spirit of reverence and hospitality (I, 5) and
  • live, like Jesus Christ, in solidarity with the oppressed (I, 15)

We give public endorsement to the right of sanctuary, in particular to the public sanctuary program initiated by the St. William Church Community in Louisville, Kentucky.

We pledge our support, our prayers, our love and those services we are able to render. In so doing, we believe that we are joining an effort to promote community, to overcome non-violent ways the evils of war, to further the cause of peace and indeed to witness the saving power of God.

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Dominican Sisters of Peace

[We] Promote justice through solidarity with those who are marginalized, especially women and children.